Our Process

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Have a problem that requires a unique solution? Tired of contractors making promises they don’t keep? Are you putting off needed projects because you don’t want to deal with the disruption and disorder (and work crew messes)? Paumen Innovations is the solution to your remodeling needs. The call for an initial estimate is your first step to partnering with one of the most innovative, conscientious, and trustworthy contractors in the Northern Virginia area.

Paumen Innovations is dedicated to capturing your vision and making it a reality. The contractor stays on site to answer every question and problem solve every step of the way, providing close oversight for all projects. His “one job at a time” practice is Tim’s unique business model and ensures that jobs are completed in a timely fashion. In fact, Paumen Innovations has never EVER missed a deadline. Many customers are pleasantly surprised when their projects have been finished ahead of the projected completion date. Does this sound unusual? Not to Tim Paumen. “The fact that quality, timely work surprises people surprises me. It’s the only way to do anything.”

Paumen Innovations leaves happy clients who eagerly become repeat customers. As one customer said, “Tim Paumen goes above and beyond what is required. He even left our home cleaner than before he started. He completed the project in an amazing amount of time even coming out during that crazy snowstorm when NOBODY was going out. I looked out my window at breakfast and saw his truck!” (Stacey in Burke, VA) Some might think Tim Paumen crazy, but he calls it dedication.

From estimate to completion clients work directly with Tim Paumen for an old-fashioned, service-oriented, customer pleasing, satisfaction guaranteed experience. Sound too good to be true? Give Paumen Innovations a call and found out for yourself.

Quality and Excellence… One Project at a Time.